Clear charts help PPMVs understand and comply

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NIGERIA— As part of USAID’s SHOPS (Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector) Project, our Zinc+ORS materials are being used by pharmaceutical sales representatives to detail Proprietary Patent Medicine Vendors (PPMVs). And these materials are working. According to one sales rep, ““The charts on danger signs and dosage are very simple and clear when trying to explain to the medicine vendors. In fact, it makes my work less tedious. The medicine vendors are really complying...Thank you.”

Thousands of drug shop operators and owners trained in Uganda

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UGANDA—Powerpoint-based training decks on how to use Zinc+ORS have been revised and enlivened with branding and messaging similar to the detail aids.  These decks have been used to train 10,000 local drug shop operators and owners throughout the country.  In addition, thousands of copies of the detailing materials have been printed for use in both training and marketing efforts. As one marketing manager from the Clinton Health Access Initiative said, “The materials from the website were a huge help, saving us a lot of time and money in the development process.”

Educational videos to be translated into local languages

NIGERIA AND UGANDA—In 2014, Zinc+ORS training videos developed with USAID funding will be voiced over in local languages in both Uganda and Nigeria. These videos are designed to be used in a variety of settings, such as during continuing medical education and other training sessions, and by detailers visiting chemists and drug shops and clinical providers.